Music with the plants

For some time we have felt the need to make music an instrument to bring musicians and music lovers closer to nature. For this reason we have created concerts that make you listen to the voice of plants together with the music we love. We have worked out together with Francesco Barletta, musician and expert in computer science applied to sound, a method to make musicians and plants interacting, in a continuous game in balance between score and improvisation the voice of the plants imposes.


The stage
on the road

We created the Music-Road-Theater, proposing it with the slogan show must go on ... the bus, to restart live performances in a simple way, with minimally invasive effects for historic centers, suburbs, natural areas, giving the artists the opportunity recoming perform and to the public to find again the show open air (with musicians or actors on the open floor, and technical service on ground floor).


Silent music

The concerts in silent mode create multisensory experiences and fully meet the summer 2020 needs of distancing and safety.

parallax background